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Post by BlackLolitarose on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:48 pm

Have you ever heard of Demyx Time??? I SO hope you have. It is the greatest TV show EVER. (Although, it isn't on TV, so I guess it's not really a TV show...)
If you don't know what it is, here's a quick descrciption.

Demyx Time is a youtube show that was created by JenxtheJinx. She is a member of a cosplay group known as The Parle Crew.
In the show, she (her name is Jenn) cosplays as Demyx. It's sort of set up like a talk-show. All it really is is Demyx doing really random stuff. But it is HILARIOUS!!!! After a few episodes, Axel even comes in, as well as other special characters. Each episode has it's own story.
If you haven't guessed by now, it is based off Kingdom Hearts.
The Parle Crew is awsome. And Demyx Time isn't the only thing they do. A while after starting Demyx Time, they also started The Sora Show, and The Shinra Files (which is based off Final Fantasy 7)
You WILL laugh if you watch this. (Just a warning.)
And another warning: There is Yaoi in this show, and Yuri. I do not like either of those. Not at all. But for me, the show is so funny, that it's worth it to watch it anyway. But for some, it might not be worth it, that's why I'm warning you.
I would REALLY not recommend this show for ages 13 or younger. ESPECIALLY The Sora Show. Seriously. DO NOT watch that one if you are 13 or under. The Sora Show is much more mature than Demyx Time, and not as funny, so I don't watch it as much. But Demyx Time is the one I love!
There are currently 14 episodes, and there will soon be 15. Here's a link to episode one.---

Also, I decided to give a little sample of it. This is not Demyx Time. It's just Jenn (who plays Demyx) having some fun. This video is totally appropiate, and I highly reccomend seeing it! That's why I put it here. This is Jenn in all her cosplays. This video is SO much fun. I've watched it ten times, and I'm still ready to watch it again. Thie video has actually gotten WAY bigger than she ever could have imagined. (And also, in my opinion, Jenn is one of the best cosplayers EVER. And deffinatley the funniest. I love it when she cosplays as Riku! X3 )

Blame it on the cosplay!---

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