Flower Block ( Ken Block Gymkhana musical Video )

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Flower Block ( Ken Block Gymkhana musical Video )

Post by Pankeiks on Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:02 pm

After three Star Wars musical video's i made one not quite good halo wars GMV to two steps from hell - heart of courage song. Overused song, but i really wanted to make something to that song, which led to partial catastrophe, but this topic isn't about the halo gmv. ( you can still check out the Halo Wars GMV at my youtube profile )
This topic is all about my first real life footage ( not filmed by me ) musical video. The video is made of three different Ken Block drifting videos, two where he drives with subaru and one with Ford Fiesta. I'm quite pleased with how it ended up,but i admit i got a bit cared away at the end of the video with constantly switching from one scene to another.... no one is perfect.
So i hope you enjoy.


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