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Critical Deadline. Empty Critical Deadline.

Post by DannyDomoSan on Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:51 am

This is starting only with me if I start any projects. Only Me!! Not anyone else! if you like to start it, I don't mind.
I would like to start " Critical/Extreme Deadline ".
>>After a certain amount of time if a Project is delayed too long, Critical Deadline would occur. Decided By the Host Of The Project.
>>When a project reaches its critical status, the project must stop taking parts at a certain date. This is choosen by the Host Of the Project.
>>When the date comes by, the project is closed for accepting parts. " This rule is opinonal to the Host of the project. "
>>The project has to be complete at a certain time, depending on the host. and message one of the leaders/Moderators the project current status.
>>The Particapent must turn in the part, no reasoning or issue matters. Only the part.
To let everyone in the project know that the project reached critical Status, You would/should.
>>Message all the people taking part
>>Reply to the topic of the project
>>Comment Profile.
Etc. to let them know.
To see example,
See This Is Rock Worm, 3rd Page.
This works well with WORMs, but not MEPs because then you would have to fill in parts or get other people.
**Any Leader/Moderator If you think there should be any editting with this, feel free to change something. Just type in an upate in the bottom of the Post.

>>Started. 11.07.2010 - DannyDomoSan

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