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Post by ThaliaAnderson on Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:02 pm

I'll keep this list up here forever, and whenever a project is completed, it'll be added to the bottom of the list, and when new projects are added, I'll put them up here as well. This is just a sort of quick-reference for what projects are happening and who's taking part them in thus far.

This is for current AMVMA reVamp! projects--not ones that we've done prior to the new site.

Current reVamp! Projects

Elemental - WORM
Host: Tifa326x
Song: Various
Artist: Various
Taking Part:
--DannyDomoSan [Intro&Darkness]
--Yunarella [Fire]
--natasha242 [Water]
--BlackLolitarose [Nature]
--leecrew82 [Light]
--Tifa326x [Ice]
--??? [Wind]
--??? [Thunder]
Footage: Multifandom
Other Notes: 30-40 sec. per part; no watermarks; Borders/Textures/Overlays allowed--do not make too distracting.
Due: None.

The Seven Movements of Kingdom Hearts - MEP
Host: DannyDomoSan
Song: The 13th Anthology
Artist: Kingdom Hearts
Taking Part:
-- [Open]
-- [Open]
-- [Open]
-- [Open]
Footage: Kingdom Hearts
Other Notes: All programs; No watermarks//borders//textures.
Due: None set.

Until the Day I Die - MEP
Host: ShadowDragon1902
Song: Until the Day I Die
Artist: Story of the Year
Taking Part:
Footage: Final Fantasy&Kingdom Hearts
Other Notes: Watermark in bottom right corner; All programs
Due: None

Completed reVamp! Projects

This is ROCK - WORM
Full Project:

Current Projects 2hdo4xz
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