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Post by ThaliaAnderson on Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:55 pm

Because I just realized that I hadn't posted any yet. 8D

Or I'll be upset.
And nobody likes it when Thalia is upset.
...Beside the point. *cough*

1) Please refrain from using harsh language. I do understand that people will cuss sometimes, but I don't really want it in every other post. So unless you absolutely need to use it [such as in a story or describing a problem or something], just don't. I've put an automatic sensor on the f-bomb, but I'm leaving the rest up to you. I trust you guys to be responsible about this rule.

2) Please refrain from discussing anything illegal/immoral. This includes keygens and stuff, of course, and also sexual jokes and such. We want this to be a site avaliable to anybody, no matter their age, and keep in mind that there are probably members younger than you.

3) Nooooo spamming. Posting ads for other sites/products, unless they pertain to a conversation is forbidden. This also includes double-posting, necro-posting, and also random posts that don't have anything to do with a conversation [for instance, somebody is in a very deep conversation about how to edit a certain bit of a video, and you come in all like, "WHOA, I LIKE TO EAT CAKEZ PLZ."]. These will all be deleted by either me or another staff member.

4) No harrassing/trolling other members. If you have a beef with somebody, please talk it out or argue [whichever you prefer] on your own accounts/sites. I don't want hostile arguments going on on this board. AMVMA is like a family here, and if you were on the last board, I said the same thing then. Families fight, but they're family, nonetheless. I don't want people coming to me, saying how another member was bothering them and harrassing them. Members who do that will be given a warning; if the harrassment continues, you will be banned.

5) Refrain from revealing personal information. Yes, there's no real harm in saying what state/country you live in, but when you get down to cities, schools, streets, you're asking for trouble. Personally, I trust all members of AMVMA not to come stalk to your house, but keep in mind that these boards are avaliable for anyone to read, be they members or not. Of course, certain boards, like the writing&drawing forum and "Personal" boards aren't able to be seen by non-members, but most boards can. Keep that in mind when telling somebody something. If you MUST give out information, do so via PM or email.

6) If somebody posts fanart/videos/writing, don't just saying something like, "Wow! This is way cool! I like it!". Give them constructive criticism. I'm pretty sure that people will post things to improve, not just be praised; especially half-hearted praise. Help the members be the best they can be; that is, after all, what AMVMA is all about.

7) If any of these rules are broke, you will be given a warning. If it continues, I will ban you from the site. If you create a second account and continue rule-breaking/spamming/harrassing, I will IP ban you, and you will not be able to create accounts with your internet connection.

Rules 2hdo4xz
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