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Post by ThaliaAnderson on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:13 pm

Hey everybody! It's your new leader speaking!

So, if you're here, you've accepted being a member in the new AMV Maker Army - no big changes are going to happen, except for the site move. Things will be run as they always have; the only difference is that I will be leading you instead of Marc. So feel free to explore the new site and post topics and replies - we're still getting back on our feet, so bear with us as everything gets settled. Things are shaky with the character representations right now. If you've found this site, you've read the message that I sent out to everyone. Once the week deadline for replies is up, I will be creating a new topic under "Character Representations" for character requests, where you can choose a character or change your current character. The staff will get first pick if they wish to change their character.

So, welcome! I hope that everyone enjoys the new board, and I hope that I can do well as your new leader. =]

Welcome! 2hdo4xz
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