Star Wars Session

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Star Wars Session

Post by Pankeiks on Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:08 pm

I really wish to share one of my first amw and i would like to hear your opinion about it. I know there are some mistakes and places off the beat but bear with me. Did you like it, or not.
I always wanted to do something great with Linkin Park song Session, but i didn't know what. Then i saw a couple of amw with this song, and then i realized that i should make my own amw to the song. One of my inspirations are amw from SuckafishAD called Samurai Champloo Scratch (Session) ( ) sick editing skils.
O and editing was done in Sony vegas 9 with an a computer that inst that powerful ( a really old computer )
So i hope you enjoy and please watch my other video in my youtube channel ( account ) rate and comment. Thanks !


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