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Post by ThaliaAnderson on Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:26 pm

Some basic rules on using the studio channel. Follow them to keep our channel looking neat and professional.

1) Do not use the studio channel for commenting on videos, whether they are from a member of AMVMA or otherwise. We're there to upload, as a group, not to comment on things individually.

2) Do not favorite videos on the channel. If it's a promotion for AMVMA, please add it to the "Promotions" playlist. As a studio, we aren't individual people just faving whatever we want that looks cool. Please do that on your personal channel. This also applies to "liking" videos.

3) Do not subscribe to channels on the account. We won't be watching videos on this channel; only on personal channels; so there is no point in subscribing on a group account like this. Also, don't add users as friends; you may accept requests, but please do not send them out.

4) Keep the "Recent Activity" clean. If you add a friend request, or upload a video, please hit the "x" next to those on the channel page under the recent acitivity. Send out an announcement instead and link to the video using the "attach a video" option. If you look at the channel now, you'll see the announcement I've made about the contest. Only one recent activity announcement will be avaliable at one time. When a second project is uploaded, "x" out the last recent activity announcement.

5) Remember to add new uploads to the appropriate playlist. Currently, we have Game Division MEPs, WORMs, Contests, and Promotions. If you need a new playlist, please contact an administrater to make it, just to keep things uniform.

6) Remember in project uploads to include the songs(s), artist(s), footage used, and participants in a neat, orderly manner. This is mostly attributed to the fact that I'm a little OCD when it comes to organizing stuff like that, so I'd really appreciate it if you payed close attention to this rule.

7) Only adminstrators and moderators will know the password to the channel. One, because it is too much hassle to contact every member about the password, and two to keep the channel away from just everybody. If you're hosting a project and you are not a staff member, please contact an administrator with your video description and download link for the finished project and a staff member will upload it for you. It's dangerous to have too many people know the password.

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