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Post by ThaliaAnderson on Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:14 pm

These are the current character reps of the member of AMV Maker Army (or at least, what I have from my list): confirmed active members, and uncomfirmed members as well. When the week deadline that I've given to everyone in my notice is up, I will release the uncomfirmed characters up for grabs. Please keep in mind that the staff will get a first chance to change their characters if they wish to.

Also, note that Marc and Lau, though both on extended hiatus, will get to keep their characters - nobody will get to take them. They're still members of staff, and when/if they eventually come back, they will resume positions of leader and co-leader (if they wish) and everything will be the same, regarding their membership and characters.

A "*" symbolizes a member who wishes to have a character change. A "**" symbolizes a staff member that wishes to have a character change. A bold-faced name&character is uncomfirmed.

Axel - BlackLolitarose
Cloud - 00ProphecyStudios00
Fang - StellaStarsxx
Genesis - Tifa326x
Kadaj - KassieL101
Kairi - EternalSnowxXx
Lightning - ShadowDragon1902
Link - kingdomheartsfan13
Namine - Sacredlith
Roxas - soraroxaslover97
Rufus - MarcFirewing2
Serah - Solandior
Sheik - biblegirl4eterntiy
Sora - Narutochaos22
Stella - natasha242
Vanille - xxFantasyLove
Ven - DannyDomoSan
Yuna - leecrew82

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